Crystals, WTF is with Crystals

My first crystal collection

Ok, ok I get it, everyone is talking about crystals now a days. Believe me when I saw how obsessed Spencer Pratt became of crystals on the Hills I thought he was bat shit crazy. But hear me out here. I do not think Crystals can cure cancer, or fix every problem in the world. But I do believe that they carry energy and that energy can transfer to us. My first in person experience with crystals was during an acupuncture appointment when a rose quartz was placed on my heart chakra and instantly I felt at ease. Without my acupuncturist’s knowledge I was going through some personal things and needed some clarity. Once that crystal was placed on me all my worries, and self doubts left and the answer I had been avoiding became clear. After this appointment I will be honest I forgot all about that magic crystal and what it had done for me in that appointment. The next time I came across a crystal was during my QRA training when my instructor let me know more insight to how Crystals can not only transfer their energy to us, but we can choose what energy they can carry. Say WHAT? I can manifest whatever energy I want my pretty crystals to carry, like love, fertility, financial success. I mean that is pretty damn awesome in my opinion. Her biggest advice in purchasing a crystal was don’t stress about what the original meaning is (IE: Rose quarts= love, beauty, happiness) if a specific crystal pops out to you and when you hold it it just feels right, that is the right one for you.

My first crystal purchase was by chance, I was wondering around the cute downtown of Encinitas after having a delicious meal at GoodOnYa café (seriously if you are local, go now! And get the Tuna salad, and a side of gluten free sourdough bread and the Paleo cookie and thank me later! YUM!) I just happened to wonder into what I was thinking was a bookstore but low and behold it was actually a holistical wonderland!! Crystals, sage, books, and so much more. I honestly wondered around for over an hour before even touching a crystal, I was enjoying just noticing all the different colors, shapes, and variety that there was to offer. I picked up many and just held them in my hands as I explored through the store. If one didn’t bring me either content or happiness, I put it back. I ended up purchasing 2 crystals that day, one was a pyramid and the other was a point, both later I found out are one of the most powerful for manifesting and amplifying energy.

The first few days I had these crystals I just stared at them on my counter, Not sure what to do with them, or if they would actually worked. I did some research on the types I chose and how to cleanse my crystals and manifest my intentions through them. On the first full moon I cleansed my crystals, left them outside in the moonlight and said my intentions to them as they charged and when I brought them inside. Did I feel a little weird and fake, yes. But was I curious to see what they would do, yes! Well the next week my husband and I made a few big decisions for our future, I like to believe it was because of the crystals. This lead me back to the same store, this time to buy a crystal for my mother who was having surgery to remove cancer, I purchased her a rose quartz, and cleansed it for her, and told her to give the crystal an intention for her surgery and recovery. She carried the crystal on her during surgery and for her whole recovery. Her recovery was flawless, and she will even give some of that credit to her crystal. After this I have purchased more crystals, some I wear daily, some I use when trying to meditate, and some I use  because it just feels right, my pyramid sits on top of my heating pad when I do my castor oil treatments. My rose quartz point sits on my headboard and brings love and light to my marriage.

Bentley joining on some meditation in front of the Red Rocks, Sedona.

My husband and I decided to buy a house in Arizona and move from California, and we needed to go out for a few meetings with the contractors out there and decided to make a big trip out of it. My bucket list for the trip was to go to Sedona, I kept reading and hearing so many things about the energy there and the vortexes, and how that when you are there the feelings and emotions you get are there to shed some light into your life. Whether they are happy feelings, or sad, or scary, but you should pay extra attention to them because they are serving a higher purpose and giving you an inside look to what is really going on in your life. My husband does not believe in crystals, but he does believe in energies, and how things/places make you feel. Knowing this I didn’t talk to my husband about why I wanted to visit Sedona, but just agreed that the hiking looks amazing and we need to go. As soon as we started driving into Sedona, my overworked and exhausted husband looked at me and said “Wow, I feel like the biggest weight has just came off me. I feel so relaxed, yet energized” I was so happy that he was getting the same feelings that I was. We spent the day driving around and getting out and just admiring all the red rocks and nature’s beauty. We went on a short hike (wasn’t sure if our dog was really allowed on it or not, haha) and We both felt so energized and refreshed after, even our dog who had been getting stir crazy in the car was relaxed and so chill. As we drove through the town and walked by the shops it became clear to my husband that this town was all about the crystals and energy healing. Some crystals are affordable and some can be in the 1,000s of dollars. I did not purchase a crystal on this trip because all of our belongings are in storage, and I just couldn’t justify it during this trip. But I know I will be back to purchase another crystal, and hopefully a plot of land for our next home.

If you want an intro into crystals and all they can do for you, check out Crystal muse 

I purchased this book to get more insight into crystals and how they will help serve me.

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