Ear seeds/ the new fad

So You’ve may have been seeing these cool new decorations on people’s ears on Instagram. Some are fun and trendy made from swarovski crystals, and some are just plain black seeds that come from the Vaccaria plant. But why are you seeing these on the rise and is there any health benefits from them.

The answer is YES! There are health benefits to this cute new fad! There are many acupuncture points on the ears that connect and regulate with internal organs, structures, and functions. By having access to so many organs and structures through the ear it is an amazing way for practitioners to treat their patients. For acupuncture points that need to be stimulated for longer periods of times, ear seeds come into place. Most ear seeds are small seeds that come from the Vaccaria plant and have an adhesive piece of tape over them to help them stay on the ear for a few days up to a few weeks. You can shower, sleep, exercise go through your normal daily routines in them. I prefer mine to fall off naturally, I feel that way my body is expelling the seed when it is done with it.

Ear seeds

So what can these ear seeds and auriculotherapy help with, they may help with migraines, detox organs , allergies, anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia, IBS, energy flow, weight loss, stop smoking, and help relieve stress. Since ear seeds are put on specific acupuncture points they directly correlate with what a specific body part. This is an amazing way to treat organs and systems without having to pummel your body with medication. The best part of Chinese medicine is the very low symptom lists, which is almost non-existent. Sometimes your ears can be sore, or you may have a reaction to the tape, normally these symptoms do not last long and usually are not severe. I’ve used ear seeds to help manage stress, to help my liver detox (from hormones), and to help regulate my sleep. I felt that it extended my acupuncture appointments, especially helped keep me calm during traffic on my drive home.

Acupuncture pointshttp://www.yaoacupuncture.com/auricular-therapy.html

So who should be applying Ear seeds, Licensed Acupuncturists, Naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, biofeedback therapists, medical doctors, Physical therapists, and reflexology therapists. Does this mean you can’t perform them on yourself, no there are plenty of websites that sell them online and give instructions on where and how exactly to apply them. But to me you should have someone who knows why they are treating a specific area of your body.  But like with any form of treatment you should always go to someone who is licensed or certified with good credentials in their field and they should go over your health history along with any medications or supplements you may be on. It is amazing to me how many doctors still don’t ask about supplements or specific foods when there are so many issues with medications that can worsen with certain foods or supplements.  I’m excited to know if any of you guys have tried it, or will try it, let me know how you feel about them!







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