What is Endometriosis

I would like to point out first I am NOT a doctor, or expert, I am just a girl who is obsessed with health and fitness and have had my highs and lows trying to find balance and health. I have had the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows, and the struggle of almost 10 years to … Continue reading What is Endometriosis

Finding relief

My relief was found with Holistic medicine, getting off birth control and diet change. My old Doctor had recommended me removing gluten, red meat, and soy. She had done research on showing that by removing these things it helped with inflammation and endo flares. Gluten can cause inflammation even in healthy people, but it can … Continue reading Finding relief

Journey to diagnosis

From my first meeting with Dr. Do I knew I was in good hands, her bedside manner was amazing, I spent most of the appointment crying while she went through all my medical records with me. After going through my now lengthy history of issues she had a very big feeling that I had endometriosis, … Continue reading Journey to diagnosis

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